Free Resources to Learn Python Online

Python has become most popular programming language over many other programming languages. As it is used by IT Giants like Google, Facebook, Youtube and many more. Whether you are beginner or advanced learner, there are many online resources available to learn python which are completely free. Following are the list of online resources to learn(…)

How to install Python on Windows

Today we will see how to install, setup and run python programs in windows. Currently python is available in two version 2.X and 3.x Version 3.x changes some of the standard syntax associated with Version 2.x. This tutorial focuses on version 2.x series. Step1: To install python on windows choose and download python installer from Step2: In my case(…)

Introduction to Python Programming Language

What is python programming language?     Python is programming language is an interpreted language developed by Guido van Rossum when he was working at CWI in the Netherlands. Python is a powerful language which can do things in a shorter time. Below are some important features and specialities of Python programming language. specialities and(…)

How to execute/run Linux Shell scripts

In this post we will see  how to run a shell script you just received or created. There are many ways we can execute a shell script and some of the ways you don't require execute permissions as well on that script. There is a perception that to execute a shell script we require execute(…)

What is a built-in command in Linux?

A builtin command is a Linux/Unix command which is "built into a shell interpreter such as sh, ksh, bash, dash, csh etc". Thats where the name came from for these built-in commands. In other words we can say that these commands will always available in RAM so that accessing them is bit fast when compared to(…)

Linux Shell script to rename files from CAPS to small letters

This is a small script to rename multiple files from CAPITAL to small letters. Ok, why we require to do this? Recently we bought a new cam which is naming all photos in capital and it is very much difficult for me to change extension of these photos from caps to small to re-size/modify photos(…)

Linux Shell script to close/open ports on a firewall/Iptables

This is a small script which will takecare of blocking and unblocking ports by asking user about his desire. Just copy this code to your system and change permissions and start executing it. #!/bin/bash #Author: Surendra Anne([email protected]) PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin clear echo -e “############################nnnPresent ports opened on this machine are $(iptables -nL INPUT | grep ACCEPT |(…)

PFOTD: Python ord() function examples

Today our inbuilt function is ord() which is useful for converting a single character to its corresponding ASCII value. Need of ord() function in Python: Some times it is require to convert a string to unicode ASCII value and this inbuilt function will give python this capability. ord() function syntax: ord(‘char’) Examples: Let us start(…)

PFOTD: Python chr() function example

Today our in-built function is chr() which is useful for converting an ASCII value to its corresponding character. Need of chr() function in Python: Some times it requires to convert an unicode ASCII value to its character and this in-built function will give python this capability. Python chr function Syntax: chr(number) Examples: Let us start(…)

Python built-in functions series at Coding Mania started

Hi all,         Today we are starting a series on Python programming called Python Function OF The Day(PFOTD) to show you all how we can use these built-in functions to enrich your python capabilities. The concept of this series is simple, learning a simple python built function for one day. We have(…)